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About Us

SF FASHION is an international Garments Manufacturer trusted Buying and trading house having located in Dhaka, Bangladesh since very long times and working with the European based with valued customer/Buyer confidently.

Our excellent reputation with having the garments business in internationally with our most highly technician efforts is based on a wide extra service range, there are absolutely in every quality of the customer required such as seasonal cooler – collection and designs in correct concept which we develop in co-operation with European located designers who are visiting all international garments fairs.

Our business motto is always up dated informed about market situations and have know the perfect needs of our customers for the super products and  all around service package for the order  manipulation.


To deliver the quality products, as per the standards required by the customers. The basic Function is to source the facility/product, which fulfils the needs of the inquiry, sent by the buyer and to place the orders on behalf of the buyer to coordinate between the buyer and the manufacturer, at various stages of the production process, ensuring that the end product meets the basic standards required. We have already produce lot of designs for numerous brands in EC & USA. Our fashionable designs, styles and quality are highly valued by foreign customers.

Production Control

Some sourcing experts visit factories only once, examine the machinery, smoke with the overseers, and wait for results. At SF FASHION, we believe that kind of shoddy practice short-changes the client. In contrast, we employ a quality assurance staff on the factory floor that sends daily reports to our main office. By staying on site, watching and managing the factory operations, we ensure that everyone is always on track and diligent. We keep factories accountable and maintain control over operations because you shouldn’t have to pay for negligence.


SF FASHION is able to manufacture quality garments at a competitive price and in a timely manner due to a unique combination of strengths, from its expertise and positioning, to its vertical set up, control processes and checks at every stage of development, production & shipping. each order is monitored under a comprehensive time & action plan, accessible by the customer. Vertically integrated vendors, with infrastructure for spinning, dyeing, knitting and processing facilities in environments for cost-effective functioning. We are strategically located for easy, convenient and ready access at Dhaka, the “Knit city of Bangladesh”.
Key manufacturing & sourcing strengths include:

  • experienced technical team
  • dynamic, efficient response
  • multi product strengths
  • flexibility
  • competitive prices
  • quick turnaround
  • attention to compliance
  • thorough understanding of buyers expectations
  • professional T&A management
  • extensive product knowledge
  • sourcing strength in multiple locations
  • ability to respond quickly to change
  • customer service is our priority

SF FASHION has enriched efficiency in managing its factories with maximum professionalism as well as dedication to workmanship.

Work Flow


SF FASHION helps your company get ahead by sourcing items on your behalf in Bangladesh. We qualify factories and oversee second- and third-tier suppliers for you so you don’t have to contend with a plethora of Bangladeshi suppliers. In the end, you save time, money, and manpower. Plus, you will rest easy knowing that your operations are in the hands of our highly capable sourcing professionals


SF FASHION understands your business and markets. We’ll keep you up-to-date about relevant industry trends and bring you innovative product ideas to help you grow. Not only that, your projects are important to us and we are ethical people. The design remains yours. We help you turn them into reality.


SF FASHION monitors manufacturing on site. Because we run our operations straight from Bangladesh, we can closely track your production to ensure that it adheres to your standards and schedule. We communicate your scheduling requirements throughout the supply chain. As a result, your delivery dates are always met and you’re informed at every stage. No more late deliveries. No more headaches.

Quality Assurance

SF FASHION ensures the highest quality & compliance standards with expat textile professionals leading teams at every stage & process. SF FASHION vendor compliance manual can be obtained upon request. Not only will your product be built to exact specifications, it will function properly. It will not look strange and it will not be defective or damaged. We will personally approve the products with a plethora of tools and standards so you never have to stress over quality issues.


Our foreign correspondence team is in touch with our overseas buyers 24/7 to keep them updated.

SF Fashion is an international Garments Manufacturer trusted Buying house having located in Dhaka, Bangladesh since very long times and working with the European and Japan based with valued customer/buyer confidently.
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